Osmund Jacobs

University of Massachsetts, Dartmouth, USA.

Adeniyi Onaopepo (PhD Built Environment, Northumbria Univesity, Newcastle, United Kingdom)

A Friend  told me about Dave Abion Consulting before making my first Visa application. But due to some reasons, I could not contact the firm before submitting my application. Unfortunately, the application was not successful! Therefore, I had to consult the firm in preparation for a new application.

I was shocked at the kind of warm and very encouraging welcome I received. I was even more surprised to find out that I did not have to pay any fees before the firm rendered her services towards securing my visa. Our relationship was smooth all through! The firm consulted every necessary office and personality, in order to ensure the success of my application.

The application form was actually completed in their office and all necessary packaging of documents was done in the office too (all necessary guides were given!). To the glory of God, everything went well and the application was successful. All at no cost, yet with a visible passion for the success of my application.

Thank you Dave Abion Consulting!

Tosin Marian Adeleke (MSc Development Finance, University of Reading)

Before I came in contact with Dave Albion Consulting Services, I had no idea of how to go about my visa application and everything. The cordial way the management and staff treated me is an experience I will never forget. They made it so easy and relaxed for me and everything came out as a success. I am so grateful for this innovation and to this world class leading organization for the opportunity given to me to achieve this dream of mine. I can only pray that God blesses everyone at Dave Albion and fulfill their dreams as they fulfilled mine. I am currently a postgraduate student of University of Reading studying Development Finance MSc. Thanks Dave Abion!!! You are the best!!!

Usenobong Benjamin Akpan (MSc Physics: Advanced Materials, University of Glasgow)

It was a pleasure to have used Dave Abion Consulting to secure my study Visa to the United Kingdom and as a channel of communication with my school, the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
I am highly impressed by the level of customer service that the Staff of Dave Abion Consulting possesses and provides. You have been of great help and you are highly fantastic.
Every aspect of your service has been fast and efficient; and every member of staff is very courteous, polite and very reliable. Many thanks to Damilola for her prompt response to calls, mails, e.t.c. and for your professional advice as well, I say, thank you.
Please pass my appreciation to the Chairman and Manager for their advice, I am most grateful.
I will certainly recommend Dave Abion Consulting to others. Keep up the good works.
Thank you!

Peter Cecil Buekor (MSc Waste Management with Environmental Management, UWS Paisley)

Sometime in December 2008, while I was going through one of the national daily newspapers, I came across an advert requesting interested Nigerians who want to further their studies overseas (United Kingdom precisely) to contact Dave Abion Consultancy (DAC) at their Lagos Head office, Elephant House Ikeja, for an interview with prospective UK schools which will be conducted by the various International Officers of the Schools.I have always wanted to do a Masters Degree in a course that will save the Environment from pollution and make it a better place considering the fact that I am from Rivers State of Nigeria, one of the major crude oil producing states of the country of which some part of the state has suffered so much environmental pollution due to the oil exploration and spillage thereby affecting the local communities which is not sustainable. After going through the list of courses and UK schools which will be conducting the interview, I found University Of The West Of Scotland (UWS) Paisley Campus as my choice because they got double package of the course I want,which is MSc Waste Management with Environmental Management, other schools was either MSc Waste management,MSc Environmental Management but The University Of The West Of Scotland (UWS) has got them both so you see the reason I chose UWS.I contacted Dave Abion Consulting in the early part 2009 to make further enquiries and made an appointment for an interview with the UWS international Marketing Officer in the person of Alison Anderson who was in Nigeria as of then, I had to be very careful considering the loads of fraudulent travelling agents and educational consultant, but after the interview with Alison Anderson of UWS, of which my educational documents was scrutinized and questions asked at Dave Abion Consulting, I was rest assured it was real and instantly offered conditional offer of admission to study MSc Waste Management with Environmental Management at UWS Paisley Campus.Dave Abion Consulting helped put all of these packages together, the process for paying the school fees, acquiring the unconditional admission and other documents which was needed to secure a UK student visa (Tier 4 General) and my application was submitted to the UK embassy in Nigeria, I got the visa after some days.Now the journey has just begun, i came down to the UK August 2009 to study MSc Waste Management with Environmental Management, i graduated July 2011, after my graduation fortunately for me i got a job to work as an Environmental Outreach & Engagement Officer/Energy Adviser in charge of Glasgow region, which i found very interesting and good because it is a job that is inline with my course of MSc studies, some of my responsibilities are giving out advise on how to reduce energy consumption which will in return reduce the CO2 emission and other GHG (Green House Gases), safe practicing of recycling putting consideration the waste hierarchy, avoid pollution, go green and think green in all you do which will be sustainable and make the environment a better place for our kids and unborn generation at the same time save us money. I say a big thank you to Dave Abion Consulting for their support,councelling,packaging and encouragement which has led me to where i am today, i will personally say a big thank you to Mrs Ify Udofia  of Dave Abion Consulting for her support and relentless service during my application.For your educational studies abroad, do not hesitate to contact Dave Abion Consulting; they are reliable, trusted, confirmed and approved.

Chidiebere Major Offoma (MSc Cybersecurity and Management, University of Warwick)

I write to share my testimony about Dave Abion Consulting; a consulting company that assists people aspiring to travel to the UK as well as other countries in securing their Visas by providing excellent advisory/consulting services that guarantee a near-perfect application.Dave Abion Consulting was introduced to me by the University of Warwick via email sometimes in June this year; 2013. I decided to come to the office after going through the website (www.daveabionconsulting) and communicating via emails. The information contained in the website was highly confirmative of the expertness in the field of providing professional services to intending customers. Their prompt response to customer emails as well as polite and confident responses are worthy of recognition. I must also say that I was highly impressed by the professional customer service rendered. The staff members are confidently poised at assuring you of a 99.99% success rate on all their services and that if and only if you would do what they ask you to do (providing the right documents, in the right time and in the right manner) without counteracting their advices or proving to be better-informed, you are on the right path to a successful application.Having experienced their services, I would “strongly” advice Nigerians and people anywhere the company is located around the world to consider Dave Abion Consulting as their first choice for educational and visa application(s). They are very good in the field, they are confident of what they do and their visa success rate is unmatched by that of any other consulting/advisory company.Try them out and you are sure to share your testimony!!!

Ajagu Oguguo (MSc Project Management, University of Sunderland)

To start off with, I must say that I am generally impressed with the service rendered to me by Dave Abion Consulting. Right from my first official visit, I was warmly received by both Engr. D. A. Oni and Femi who both assured me that my prospective application would be taken as a personal endeavour, although I must add that a little extra effort and detail should be given to the process of selecting the most appropriate school for an applicant considering the individual’s budget and of course, the degree programme. That aside, I am totally satisfied with my experience here knowing that the right and best available choice was made.I might also want to add my appreciation to Damilola for the smooth application process and in conclusion, I recommend Dave Abion Consulting for overseas education counselling and placement.

Godwin Unekwuojo EBILOMA (PhD Infection and Immunity, University of Glasgow, Scotland)

I write to commend Dave Abion Consulting at Elephant Cement House, Ikeja, Lagos for the high level of professionalism displayed in the course of my visa counselling and eventual application.I have never seen such hardworking, efficient, intelligent and dedicated staff in any organization like what I saw at Dave Abion Consulting… Their high level of professionalism is purely second to none!Even when I was told by a similar consulting firm that my application was very complicated and was impossible, but I made a decision not to give up and it was then that I approached Dave Abion Consulting by heading for the office. I did not only get my visa approved in 12 days, but I also got that of my wife and son on the same day as well.I therefore strongly recommend Dave Abion Consulting to any serious minded prospective student.What more can I say? Thank you to the entire staff of Dave Abion Consulting. God Bless you all and God bless Dave Abion Consulting.

Atinuke Leseinde (MSc Accounting and Finance with CIMA, BCU)

It's been great working with you I must say, I won't have been able to achieve so much on my own in such a short time. You have handled this whole processing in the most efficient and professional manner.Thank you so much and I wish you continued success.

Dr Idowu Taylor Emmanuella (Master of Public Health, University of Warwick)

Thank you so much for all of your help and support. My application went on smoothly because of the tremendous support you provided.

Ifeanyi Okafor (MSc Electronics Communication Engineering, University of Greenwich)

First I want to thank you for everything. You supported me all the way. Your services are superb. I remember that I never filled any application form, all you asked for was my personal details and I got an unconditional offer of Admission. Also you never mentioned the issue of money. This shows that distance is not a barrier to your services. You people are the best and I just want to say thank you.

Ifunanya Chiegboka (MSc Industrial Relations and Managing Human Resources, University of Warwick)

 Thank you so much for your assistance throughout the visa application process. You simplified the tedious task by being available and always ready to help.

During our last meeting when I completed my application, Mr. Andrew stayed after the closing time without complaint. Even though I was in a haste to leave, he took me through the interview questions. I was touched by that gesture. It’s rare to encounter such selflessness.Today, I referred your organization to a client whose daughter's student visa application was declined. Warwick University made a wise decision by contracting you. Thank you.